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Jason Love-Lee or better known by the moniker JLEE; has spent the last 20+ years making a name for himself at a snail’s pace as a collage and mixed-media artist. Born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, he attended the University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS), graduating magna cum laude earning a BFA in studio art along with a technical theatre minor in 2003. While at UWS JLEE studied painting and collage under Professor William “Bill” Morgan. Bill offered invaluable insight to collage making, he became a primary influence and mentor to JLEE early not only in his educational but also creative pursuits. 

After college, playing in a few bands, working as a manager without a cause at a used CD (compact disc) store; JLEE moved to Boise, Idaho in the fall of 2006. Joining the AmeriCorps program, providing service in various capacities to the Boise School District. Upon completing 2 years of service JLEE was hired as a Behavior Intervention Specialist and worked for the Boise School District for the next 10 years. During the time in Idaho, JLEE was introduced to many talented members of the Boise art community. Inspired by the skill and drive these artists had, JLEE began to carve a path for himself while continuing to hone his own abilities. These efforts allowed him to show with other artists in various exhibitions such as a city funded project requiring artists to reimagine the city traffic boxes, Art-Deck-O and numerous charity events where artists' work would help raise funds for various causes. JLEE's work has also been displayed at the popular Boise gallery and venue, the Visual Arts Collective. 

The late summer of 2018 JLEE moved back to the Midwest taking up residence in Marshfield, Wisconsin where he currently works as a Trauma Education Specialist. In turn, JLEE has the time, space and support to work on projects on his terms.

A new technique added to JLEE’s work has been the introduction of rubber stamping. Whether hunting down unique stamps at thrift stores, ordering from independent shops online or the preferred method of hand cutting his own. This new approach brings a new instrument to an already mixed bag of media, but one that would be lacking without.

JLEE draws influence for his work from pop culture, politics, social commentary or the minimal phrase a song. 

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